Welcome to University of Heidelberg

Welcome to Professor Hans and his students to visit my garden and academic exchange activities

    In 2013 March 5-6 day, University of Heidelberg professor Hans lead the students to visit my garden;And with my garden ecological protection,  restoration and tourism between the academic exchange activities. At the same time to participate in the discussion of the guests included: Southern China botanical garden, Hainan garden association penalty Professor Xie and President of Hainan University 's teachers and students in botany.





PPT lecture


The student speak


My garden staff to participate in academic exchanges



 Walking gardening area



Investigation of Epiphytes



Well-preserved flora


Breakfast time1 



Breakfast time2



Southeast Asian dance performance



Punishment of professors,students and dancers.


Visit the farm trade union


Visit the History Museum


Professor Hans visited the history wall


Early production tools


Understanding back from different countries returned overseas Chinese